Netflix - Arlo The Alligator Boy

CBS All-Access - Star Trek Lower Decks

Netflix - The Midnight Gospel

Dreamworks Animation - Archibald's Next Big Thing

The Deep Season 3 - Character & Environment Modeling/Surfacing

Spy Kids: Mission Critical - Environment Modeling

Barbie Dolphin Magic - Vehicle & Environment Modeling

Barbie Video Game Hero - Environment Modeling

Personal Work - Raygun

Personal Work - Warrior

The Toilet Tooter is a short film created as part of Titmouses' 5 Second Day 2020

Fallow is Breanna's thesis film from Emily Carr University inspired by her experience of growing up on the Canadian prairie.

It has screened at numerous film and animation festivals worldwide including TIFF Canada's Top Ten Festival in 2015 where it was awarded 'Best Animated Student Film' and The Edmonton International Film Festival where it was awarded the 'Animated Short Film Jury Award' in 2014.

Timbertown Tales: Chester Gets a Pet! - McKeller & Martin Publishing

Timbertown Tales: Chester Gets a Pet! is a fully-illustrated 36-page children's book in collaboration with author Joanna Karaplis and furniture designer Judson Beaumont.
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Breanna Cheek is a Vancouver-based artist with a Bachelor of Media Arts from Emily Carr University and a passion for all things animated. As a self-proclaimed 'jill-of-all-trades', she loves to try on new hats and has worked professionally as a background painter, 3D modeling/surfacing artist, and children's book illustrator. When she's not pushing pixels around she can be found watching true crime documentaries, learning ukulele, or trying to get her cat to snuggle.

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